Information for International Students

This is the website of the Fachschaftsrat Wirtschaftswissenschaften, which is the Student Council of the Department of Economics at Potsdam University.

Who we are

The Fachschaft is the student body – All students studying economic subjects and related fields such as Business Administration (BWL), Politics and Economics (PuW) or Economics (VWL) in general belong to the Fachschaftsrat Wiwi. The Fachschaftsrat, Student Council of the Department Economics, is the student representation of the Fachschaft. Active and elected members of this group represent their fellow students and work for their purposes, for instance by representing the student body vis-a-vis the professorships and other University bodies. Everybody can participate in meetings of these working groups as well, and you are more than welcome to visit us, have a coffee with us and/or participate. Active members of the Fachschaft work voluntarily.

The Mensa

What we do

Apart from representing the students in Unversity issues, we are organizing freshers’ introductions and parties, providing information, editing this web site or doing commitee work. The decisions for the work of the Fachschaft are made during our weekly meetings. There are student representatives in a lot of committees, especially faculty board (Fakultätsrat), examination boards (Prüfungsausschüsse) and search comittees for new professors (Berufungskommissionen). The important thing is that we can join the discussions and explain our view as students.

For you as a student, we are also a point-of-contact in case of questions, problems or concerns regarding your studies and student life in general.

How to get in touch with us

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, either by Email, via Facebook or by setting up an appointment. We are happy to help!